Saving Our Boys

As a whole, Saving Our Boys is an effort to repair the vision and future of boys of color, and to begin answering the ongoing cry of “Who will save our children?” Based on collected data that considers the low test scores of 8-year old African American boys, three new prisons are being built in Philadelphia. At such a young age, where children dare to dream of the infinite possibilities for their future, our boys have been earmarked for prison based on their under performance in the classroom. Saving Our Boys is built on the belief that, by cultivating a village and providing the tools and resources that will gain young African-American men access to a brighter future, they will realize their full potential. To date, the young men of Saving Our Boys have tackled such topics as:

(1) Personal Development and Meditation
(2) Black Wall Street
(3) Self-Image and Social Media
(4) Community Leadership and Development
(5) Using Writing, Music, and Performance Art as a Form of Expression
(6) Entrepreneurship and How to Start (and Maintain) a Business