Water Walker by Joanna Jane

Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:22-33

Water is an important stimulant to growth in all forms of life. Think about it: can a seed grow without water? How quickly do plants and flowers begin to wilt when they have not received water? As human beings, if we become dehydrated, our skin loses elasticity, becomes dry and flaky, and can lead to fatal consequences. Water is a catalyst for change, whether it’s our bodies, the earth, or (in a more biblical sense; shout out to Peter) walking by faith and not by sight.

The greatest example of this promise from God after we step out on faith is the water-walking experience of Peter. After the miracle of feeding over 5,000 people, Peter and the disciples were directed by Jesus to get into a ship and meet him on the other side. The Sea of Galilee was known to have rough winds and water. In the middle of the night, Peter and the disciples began to experience the sea’s reputation. As they were rowing–attempting to manage the situation through their own futile attempts–Jesus was praying until he ultimately presented himself to them on the water just as they became increasingly timid of the sea. This is where Peter has a spiritual graduation in his faith. You can too. When we apply what Peter did to our own faith walk, we can then begin to experience God’s Kingdom Wealth.

Miracles in the middle of storms

When we hear the word storm it naturally causes us to think about where we can hide or avoid the turbulence of it all.  Yet, throughout the bible we see great benefits from the washing away of old and toxic things (Ezekial 36:25-26Genesis 7:4), or a bearing of fruit after rain and storms have been released. Leviticus 26:4 describes by keeping God’s commandments that rain will come in due season for us to yield fruit. Therefore, when the Holy Spirit has led or sent us to start the new business; return to or start the academic program; or to step out of our comfort zone to make any leap of faith, we must follow God’s command. We must believe in the “washing away” of the old and the elevation of what’s positively to come. 

Many of us viewed this global pandemic of COVID-19 as a storm. People lost their lives, unemployment rates increased, and the mental stress of uncertainty has been heavy. Yet people and businesses realized that this was an opportunity to reset their finances; increase the amount of quality time with loved ones; and maximize relief funds to seed their dreams. So, remember: all storms don’t come to destroy, some are the birthing of a mandatory global revolution. We can look to the current uprising and Black Lives Matter movement as proof of such.

Step out of the boat

In this story, the boat is a symbol of all things that made sense to Peter, a human being like you and me, who was going out onto the water (and out of his natural element). Nevertheless, God is not the author of normal. When things got rough–when Peter and the disciples thought a ghost was standing on the water–Jesus confirmed that it was indeed him. Haven’t we all been here before in some capacity? It’s that moment when you know the only reason you’re in the middle of a storm is because God sent you, and so you begin hoping and praying for confirmation. Once Jesus confirmed His presence and declared a public invitation to come to meet him, Peter got out of the boat and walked on water, by faith, to meet him. This is the moment we must model constantly.

To see the manifestation of your desires, whether it be love, education, or wealth, leaving your comfort zone (places and people) is imperative. It must be your rooted belief that God would not send you to a storm to remain there, but for you to go through it to be elevated. This moment, this decision, becomes the activator to you learning God and yourself on a higher level to obtain what is already waiting for you in the spirit.

You’re closer than you think.

I can only imagine the holy fear Peter felt, but he focused on the power of faith to meet Jesus on the water. If you think about it, this is very similar to our uncertainty of being a new investor yet having the desire to yield greater returns from the very thing that makes us uncomfortable. We may get nervous when we hear about “market crash,” or your job requiring you to return to school, or having to become the example for others that no one provided to you. In Matthew 14:30-31, when Peter began to pay more attention to the wind than his focus on Christ, he began to sink. Jesus’ response is what declares a covenant with those that believe and walk by his word. He immediately grabbed Peter by the hand when he started to sink. Whatever that unknown walk is for you, know that you are closer to Christ on your faith walk than from the comfort zone of your boat. When God knows that you have done all you can, and even when you need more strength to complete the assignment, He is the constant presence that will save you.

Have you been sent on an assignment that doesn’t match your resume’? Entering a level that you don’t have a blueprint for? When you express what direction God is sending you in, do your loved ones look at you like you have two heads? If so, these are all signs of being a Water Walker. You’re stepping onto what others couldn’t imagine standing on, and doing so to fulfill an assignment bigger than what your eyes see and your mind could conceive. I encourage you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, keep your eyes on the will of God, and remember you are closer to the other side than you think.

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