To The Male Warriors of my Tribe by Kenn Roberts

I am proud of the black men that you have become and are becoming. I love your energy. I love your enthusiasm for life and unbridled optimism. This, in spite of multiple coming of age moments to include 9/11, war, the financial crisis and a pandemic. And yet, none of this has changed the daily struggle of being a black man in America.

The killing by the police itself is a virus that continues to spread so rapidly that no amount of social distancing can stop it. You are now standing at the crossroads between being the rightful heir of endless possibilities and the cruel reality that the color of your skin will thrust upon you countless moments of unspeakable injustices.

Now that you can “see” the evil for what it is, I want you to know three things. First, glance ever so cautiously to the left and right of you. You will notice other amazing people representing the entire human spectrum. Some will be there for you always. Others barely long enough. But all will serve a purpose. It will be your charge to figure out what that purpose is. Second, look inside your heart.

Never ever allow yourself to be consumed by hate. Self-hatred will destroy your unique perspective and the gift that you are destined to share with the world. Hatred of others blinds you to the value of creating that vision of the world as it should be. And finally, perhaps most importantly, look up and close your eyes. You are a part of something greater than yourself.

There is a God. Speak to Him through prayer but also exhibit the patience to listen for Him. He will speak to you often. Don’t shut Him out. I pour these thoughts into young Warriors because it is time and you are ready. You are no longer just standing on the shoulders of the giants before you. It is time for you to become one yourself. #VOTE #blackmenrise #blacklivesmatter 

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