Plan Pray Slay Your Life By Elaine Gonzalez – Johnson

If I were given a dime for every time someone asked me “how do you keep a work/life balance”? I would probably be rich by now. Yes, I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur; I do not believe I have to choose. The truth is, I do not live my life by “limits”. I serve a limitless God, which means, I choose to live my life knowing I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). It’s funny though, as much as we read that bible verse over and over, we still don’t believe we can do all things. Let me also be clear, that bible verse doesn’t say we can do “everything”. There is a distinct difference between all things and everything. There is a distinct difference between being busy and being productive. I choose to be productive. 

The desire for me to be productive and knowing I can do all things through Christ has lead me to create my planner: Plan Pray Slay. Plan, Pray, Slay is more than just an ordinary planner- it is a “God idea” I finally had the courage to execute. This fully functional planner was created for you to organize and execute your goals. I believe we were all created with a distinct soul assignment, which is why I operate from a place of squeezing every ounce of talent, skill and God-given ideas each and every day. This tool will allow you to do the same.

I want you to know that when God grants you vision, He will provide provision! Stop living within the parameters the world sets for you. Start living the life God designed for you. I am not saying it will be easy, but I can assure you- it will be worth it! 

Here is what I want you to remember:

  1. Prayer is the secret sauce! The more I pray, the closer I am to God. The more I pray, the clearer God’s voice becomes. The more I pray, the closer I am to living the life God designed for me. 
  2. Plan, plan, plan and then execute! I meet many people who will create a plan, but never execute. You already know I believe planning is important but just remember, plans can turn into “hopes” if you don’t add deadlines. We need to hold ourselves accountable to what we said we would do. Be a doer!
  3. Never stop learning. I believe investing in your craft/gift is the greatest gift you can give to yourself AND the people you serve. I want to be excellent in every single thing I do. I dare you to invest in a coach, schedule time with a therapist, read more books and fall in love with the process of getting better each day. 
  4. Walk boldly in your greatness! You are already blessed and beautiful. 

I hope this post has made your heart smile. I pray you are reminded of how gifted you are. Lastly, I want to reassure you- you have a purpose! Go plan, pray, slay your life!

There was a dire need for me to start this brand. I felt the need to explain who “Mogul Mami” is – so that you would understand why this brand is so important. I reached a point in my career where I was asked questions about Elaine the educator… Elaine the Founder of Latinas in Motion… Elaine the woman who is dangerously in love like Beyonce with her husband Darryl… Elaine the woman who redefines what a working mother looks like. If we are being honest… I got tired of keeping these roles in different categories. Allow me to quote Whitney Houston when I say “I’m Every Woman, It’s All in Me”.

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