God’s Call for Law & Order: A Time to Release, Reset and Restore by Minister Malika Rahman

“At times I might shut up the heavens so that no rain falls, or command grasshoppers to devour your crops or send plagues among you. Then, if my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and restore their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

Lately, there has been a great deal of conversation surrounding what people should and shouldn’t do with their time during the recent quarantine of 2020.

For approximately 14 weeks many of us have been shut-up in our homes, working, teaching and surfing the worldwide web. Connecting with our loved ones has been significantly limited, if at all, due to the imposed restrictions. Social media platforms are being used as the main source for check-ins/updates, emotional expression and lest we forget, information sharing. I’ve seen so many “wisdom drops” that leave one feeling like if you haven’t written a book, started a business or invested in real estate; you’ve “wasted your time.” Now, in the spirit of motivation and inspiration, I can appreciate those who offer of a positive perspective.

However, I would ask you to consider the real source of our lives, God. If we come out of this quarantine with everything except a mental and spiritual reset, failing to prepare and position ourselves for restoration, then the “new thing” that God is doing is null and void. You see God has a plan and from the beginning, restoration has been the end goal. To have his children, those whom he predestined to do his will, restored to a righteous place through a righteous Savior. One may hear this and say, if that’s the case then why would a God who loves us, allow something so negative to impact our lives? Oh, am I glad that you asked.

It is true that every good and perfect thing comes from God; on the other hand there are things that God allows to make his point clear and his power known. In this case, as the seasoned saints would say, we learn to accept what God allows, knowing that it will work out for the good of his plan, not the good of our person. Understanding this aids in the restoration process because there’s less time spent focusing on what’s going wrong outside and more time focused on what God is doing right on the inside. When God gives us intentional quiet time as he did for the past 14 weeks, it up to us to use it wisely. Reminding ourselves that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God and no matter how dark the staircase, they will lead us to our destiny. Whatever season you’re in, God will give you just enough light for the step your on. In hopes of imparting on you some wisdom shared with me on my journey, I invite you to explore with me, the steps we can all take to answer God’s Call for Law & Order.


The part where you are ordered to stay home unless there are essential needs. I believe as God calls to restore the Law & Order of our land, we must take this phase very seriously. It is in this moment, where we can assess and acknowledge the areas that need our attention. Whether it is personally, professionally or socially, this is time to identify it. When we humble ourselves, we take on a position of submission. Freeing us from the pressure to always be right, to always be perfect and to always be in control. Yes, I said the “C” word. Humility requires that we release our plans and ideas to be placed before God. It in this quiet time with God, you may realize you weren’t even operating in your purpose, despite having what seemed like a great plan. Only God’s plan is perfect and considers your purpose; man’s plan is flawed and reflects a limited point of view. Staying humble allows you to release the weight that was holding you down and get ready to assume the next position, seeking God.


As much as we’d like to believe that God’s call for restoration is a one-stop shop, it is not. We are not only called to avail ourselves, but there’s also an expectation of action. What does God want us to do after we release? The answer to that is reset. Reset our minds, our hearts and our bodies from the chaos and confusion that we considered normal for so long. In this phase, God encourages us to do the three things; pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways.

The three are synonymous; one doesn’t count without the other two.

Here’s why. Have you every had a conversation where someone asked you question, and gathered an answer but you never uttered a word? That’s the exact thing God wants us to avoid. He wants us to communicate with him through prayer, yes, but not to stop there. We should stick around long enough to hear back from him. Once we hear from God, we must then act accordingly and follow his instructions. Turn from your wicked ways, leave behind those old behaviors, and walk upright in me.

It makes no sense, to talk to God, get his input, and then do the same thing over again. Take the time to reset your mind, body, and soul so that you can assume the final position; God hears your requests, receives you back, and restores the land.


What an awesome reward for you work and your walk?

God promises to respond to your efforts and not in a mediocre manner either. God is saying I’m not only going to hear you from heaven, but I’m also going to forgive you of all wrongdoing and restore your land. Talk about exceedingly and abundantly, I could pull over and park right here, but I’ll keep moving. God doesn’t wish for us to suffer and find no reprieve. It is not his desire for us to pour out, shed dead weight and transition to new levels without his grace and mercy covering us.

I believe God promised Zechariah and those who endured the struggle with him, double for their trouble. I don’t know about you but that makes me shout for joy. If I do what God requires of me in the midst of a pandemic, global crisis, even a historic revolution, he’s going to restore more than what I had before. Hallelujah! Now, I need to very clear here, as I know excitement about God’s blessings can send you running.

But the promise is intentionally presented to those who do the work. So my sister or my brother, remember that God requires something of you in this season and it won’t resemble a new business, new skill or a new hobby. He is requiring a new you. A better you that reflects an outward manifestation of an inward transformation. If you’ve made it to this phase, I encourage you to embrace the “new thing.” Show up with your new mind, new body, and new soul, ready to live out God’s plan for your life and fulfill your purpose. Show up ready to answer God’s Call for Law & Order.

The time is now! The work must be done. The law of love must be upheld and the order must be restored. You, me, we; can’t wait any longer. Let’s Go!

Malika Rahman is the Founder/CEO of Be A Great You, Inc., non-profit organization, focused on educating, empowering and enriching the lives of those in urban communities. She is a Licensed Minister and holds a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice. Much of Malika’s personal and professional life has been dedicated to public service, having served as a law enforcement officer for 10 years. She takes prides in her commitment to the community and encourages others around her to do the same. By combining her personal  experience, with her professional expertise and spiritual insight, she works diligently to restore the broken and encourages people to reach their full potential in their lives and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Malika has a passion for God and a heart for serving God’s people. One conversation with her and you’ll feel her love for both. 

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