God is Using Negative Space to Emphasize the Positive by Veronica May, OHG Designs

neg·a·tive /ˈneɡədiv/  consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.  

In design, the use of negative space plays a critical role in telling an articulate Interior Design story.

Any designer worth their salt has utilized this widely understood design principal.

Within certain design styles, a symphonic harmony between scale, balance, color, and texture should include the strategic inclusion of negative space.

A strategic absence or presence of things can highlight what’s present (or important).  

As we are under self-quarantine and spending more time with ourselves, I began to reflect on how a Strategic God has applied the negative space design principal in our lives.

In interior design the effective use of negative space in design offers visual breathing room around certain objects, if done correctly it helps to enhance the object’s appeal.

In other words, you get to fully appreciate what’s in front of you without unnecessary distractions.

I believe God is using this time to create negative space in our lives for us to do the same.

We have been hardwired to think of negative space in a… negative way.

I believe many of us are beginning to see that we’ve become unconscious hoarders of the superfluous things of this world.

God is showing us that all the things we thought we needed are simply clutter that prevents us from focusing on Him.  

Veronica is a curator of  Life.Styled.  As an Interior Decorator, Lifestyle Designer and Image + Style Consultant she believes design has the power to transform lives.  Her work ethic and fearless spirit can be attributed to her Grandmother who raised her. To know more about her click here.

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