FYI: God is an Interior Designer By Veronica May, OHG DESIGNS

1 Chronicles 28:11-18.  Whenever I read this scripture, I’m joyfully reminded about the Great God of Interior Design. Oh, you didn’t know.  Yep, God is the ultimate Interior Designer when it comes to creating spaces that brilliantly marries beautiful aesthetics which inspires while not diminishing the sacredness of space’s primary function.

It also happens to be one of many scriptures that demonstrates how highly God regards the details in His designs. In case you’ve forgotten, God is a God of order. Order cannot be achieved without the creation of a plan that factors every detail both large and small. Don’t believe me? Go look in the mirror right now. You and I came here possessing a physiological genetic code along with a blueprint created by the wheel in the middle of the wheel.  It’s so easy to understand that during tumultuous times one can forget that ALL THINGS are working according to God’s plan. Somehow, we forget the God of Design has factored in and considered every detail in HIS great plan. In other words, nothing we see or hear is a surprise to God. It has all been factored into the design.    

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly chaotic world we’re living in, I look to the God of Interior Design.  I look at the thoughtful care He takes with even the smallest details. I remain encouraged because He considers the weight of a candlestick and the color of fabrics fundamental to His divine plan. Knowing our God is in the details stokes my faith that He’s also present in the storms. I hope you too find encouragement from this and remember that “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father”.

Veronica is a curator of  Life.Styled.  As an Interior Decorator, Lifestyle Designer and Image + Style Consultant she believes design has the power to transform lives.  Her work ethic and fearless spirit can be attributed to her Grandmother who raised her. To know more about her click here.

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