Dream Out Loud By Elaine Gonzalez – Johnson

When I was growing up, I never dreamed about becoming a business owner, but God had other plans for me. Let me also add, God’s plans are always bigger and better than any plans we could create for ourselves. I am the proud Founder of an incredible non-profit organization “Latinas in Motion”. Often times, I am asked how I started this business. The truth is, God put this vision in my heart. It was something I couldn’t stop thinking about… something I couldn’t stop dreaming about. I wish you knew how humbled, blessed and even lucky I feel to be the founder of this extraordinary sisterhood.

Why is this organization so important? I am glad you asked! The leading cause of death amongst Latinas is obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The ugly truth is, most of these health issues could be prevented through good nutrition and exercise. I decided to create an organization that would change this narrative. Every single day, our Latinas in Motion members work hard to break these statistics and change “the norm”. We are an organization of women who encourage, inspire and empower each other to be healthy. It is NOT an easy process but having the accountability of this virtual community makes life easier.

What steps did I take to make this an official organization? Great question! The first thing you must do is create a business plan. I asked myself a million times why is Latinas in Motion so important and how could it impact the world. I searched and researched other health focused organizations too. To my surprise, there were not any other organizations that focused on Latinas getting healthy and getting active. This led to my urgency to start this new venture as soon as possible. In June of 2012, I emailed every single woman within my network to meet me for a walk/jog. One week later, Latinas in Motion was born. The organization began to grow in numbers quickly. That’s when I realized I had to invest in a logo and website. I personally waited until more people believed in the mission and vision of Latinas in Motion to invest my money into the business. You definitely don’t have to do it this way. I now know, the only person that needs to believe in the mission is me and God. 

Within a year, Latinas in Motion expanded to New Jersey and New York. Things were getting serious!!! I decided to meet with a consultant to help me complete the 501(c)3 non-profit organization paperwork. Latinas in Motion became an official non-profit organization in August 2013. To date, we have expanded to 10 states AND we have a huge social media following. The best part of this process has been the impact we are making on real people. Our members are getting healthy, our members are getting fit, but most importantly, our members are feeling great about themselves. We are creating friendships with women we would have never met if it were not for Latinas in Motion. That’s what makes everything worth it.

What I want you to know about creating your business:

1. Pray on it! When your business is anointed by God- you will be victorious!

2. Plan, plan, and plan some more! Create your business plan with a 1, 5, and 10-year benchmark for success. 

3. Invest in your craft and never stop growing. Meet with a consultant, read books about effective leadership and/or get certified in whatever your gift is!

4. Establish an amazing support system. The journey of starting a business is NOT an easy one. You will need people in your corner who will support you and remind you of your greatness (for the days that you can’t see it for yourself, smile).

Above all else, I want you to be confident and own up to your greatness! You are already blessed and highly favored. It’s time for you to dream out loud. 

There was a dire need for me to start this brand. I felt the need to explain who “Mogul Mami” is – so that you would understand why this brand is so important. I reached a point in my career where I was asked questions about Elaine the educator… Elaine the Founder of Latinas in Motion… Elaine the woman who is dangerously in love like Beyonce with her husband Darryl… Elaine the woman who redefines what a working mother looks like. If we are being honest… I got tired of keeping these roles in different categories. Allow me to quote Whitney Houston when I say “I’m Every Woman, It’s All in Me”.

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