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Bridges are known as structures that carry a road or path over an obstacle or depression in the land such as a valley or river. Bridge of Faith is a place for readers to learn how to walk into and operate in God’s Kingdom Wealth. Maybe you’ve been trying to figure out this “finance thing” on your own and nothing has been working. For many, you never grew up in a household where you heard positive money conversations. For some, you’re reading this to scale up from what God has already done. Whatever side of the bridge you’re on,  understanding financial biblical principles will meet you where you are to develop your spiritual financial well-being before understanding the external financial literacy. 

The No in God’s “Not Yet”

Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 16:10-13

Who would have thought that The Jetsons, a popular animated sitcom of decades past, would increasingly become a part of the reality we live today ? If you’re old enough to remember this cartoon, it was surreal to imagine self-driving cars, a robotic housekeeper, and instant gratification. And yet in 2020, many of us can almost easily relate to the Jetson family today. We don’t have to wait long for a car or food delivery service, just tap an app. Can’t be physically present for meetings? There’s a video streaming platform (hey Zoom) to the rescue.

These new systems of life play a part in the way we’ve come to navigate our patience. When a delivery, app or service takes too long to connect, it causes great frustration. Frustration similar to when God has sent you on an assignment, or even given you a glimpse of your wealth destination, yet you don’t see the connection being made between what you’ve been shown in the spirit but must live out in the present with your natural eye. Sadly, many of us give up during this period because we interpret the waiting, or better yet the “training phase,” as God saying “NO” rather than “not yet.” We see God’s “not yet” throughout the Bible with His chosen ones, especially with David. 

God does His best with what man sees as their least.

In 1 Samuel 16:10-13, after Samuel had considered all of Jesse’s naturally more eligible sons to be the future King that would replace Saul, God directed Samuel to anoint the youngest and ruddy of them all: David with the horn of oil. David was bought in last. His father never even addressed him by name when he referenced David to Samuel. 

This is often how it begins: with people,  your loved ones included, thinking you’re not qualified for the blessing. Even your own parents, at times, can lack belief and support much like Jesse. If you come from a family that wasn’t financially well-off or secure, you know how challenging it can be to not only speak life into your finances, but to also do the work that faith requires. 

Nevertheless, God saw that David was a man after His heart. This is what qualified him in God’s eye to succeed the throne after Saul. According to 2 Corinthians 12:9, God’s grace is sufficient for you, and His power is made perfect in weakness. What do you believe God can do in the moment where your financial least meets His supernatural best?

Commit to Training in the Waiting.

I don’t know about you but after being anointed by Samuel, I would have been looking for my crown of gold and scepter. Returning to a position as shepherd over sheep wouldn’t have been on my mind. However, the transition to the palace was not one that could be correlated to the Jetsons or the instant gratification we get from social media today. David remained faithful to the training that molded his heart, skills, and character–all things for which he would later sing praises unto the Lord. His position as a shepherd was one that prepared him to later slay giants, (1 Samuel 17). Where others would have probably needed an entire army to take down Goliath, David’s training taught him how to protect his flock from predators. It helped him to emerge victorious against an uncircumcised Philistine that disrespected God, his army, and his people.

There are more examples but hopefully you’re starting to see the picture of how one can indeed be trained in the waiting and the importance of patience. When it comes to your finances, how are you being trained in the waiting room of wealth building? What are some triggers that compromise your patience?

You might be saying, “Joanna Jane, I’ve been waiting and I’m tired.” Trust me, I know the feeling of, “God, why would you show me level 10 and send me back to level one!” Being patient with the right heart posture of faith, engaging with like-minded people, and keeping God’s word in your heart and on your tongue is what wipes the tears and frustration away during this time. You know that you’re on the “not yet” journey when God consistently presents more glimpses of what’s to come. It almost feels like breadcrumbs that happen to lead you to the right workshops, sermons, mentors, or business opportunities that all eventually equates to an entire loaf of bread. I’m not trying to make you hungry; I want you to keep in mind that the same ingredients in the loaf of bread are also in the crumbs (see Zechariah 4:10).

God may have given you a glimpse of that family home you’ve dreamed of, the child care center you’ll eventually own, or the movie that you’ll direct to be played in all major theaters. However, today, it may look like you’re sacrificing trips with friends to save money while you’re living in your parents house, being an overly credentialed but underpaid elementary teacher,  or like Tyler Perry early on in his career creating plays that barely anyone buys tickets to see. In this moment, remember: God always delivers on His promises. 

Hold on to the Promise.

David was initially anointed to be the next king at a young age, and during a phase in his life that externally did not reflect the royalty he would come to be. Research indicates that there were approximately 15-20 years between his days as a shepherd boy and his crowning as king. Yes, king! I encourage you to think how sweet God’s reward will be over your small financial sacrifices today. Your willingness to consistently tithe from the job where you’re making $40,000 could be opening doors for the millions in resources and cash.  Let me be clear, this is not a trade with God. This is an earnest demonstration that you are willing to be a great steward over what God has provided today through your obedience to His will.

Your evidence to God’s promise is your waiting period that’s confirmed by mentors, or completion of academic degrees, and those “coincidences” of bumping into people with similar visions that turn into business partners or even investors after you already gave your last dime to the vision. Let these moments or those similar, that often can’t be fully explained to those with little faith, be evidence of what holds you on the journey of God’s “not yet.”

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