About Us


Michele Speaks Ministries is a multigenerational, multicultural nondenominational body of Christ.

Our central purpose is to guide people on the often tumultuous journey from trying to survive a life absent of God to thrive in God's glorious presence. We utilize four navigational tools that are rooted in the word of God. Four represents totality/wholeness, which we believe will lead people to the only place that offers wholeness, and that's the daily presence of God in their lives. Our four pillars are:
A gift from God shared with those who believe in Him and diligently seek Him.
Extends far beyond a lucrative investment or well diversified portfolio.
Understanding who you are and that you were made with purpose for a purpose.
A comprehensive view of wholeness that accounts for the well being of the body, soul, and the spirit.

"Only God can fill the holes in our life and make us whole in Him."


Our Leaders