A Woman of Faith: The Journey to Finding My Way by Minister Malika Rahman

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs. The journey’s been long and the fight has been hard; but in spite of it all, I’m still going, still fighting, still striving, to find my way. 

Upon first glance, you may have thought of the poem written by Langston Hughes, Mother to Son. Though the intro was inspired by it, this message of encouragement is from the heart of a young woman who like many others, is still climbing the staircase of life. A staircase with splintered boards, exposed nails and at times, filled with darkness. But amidst the darkness, a glimpse of light shines bright and a still, small voice reminds me how far I’ve come and to keep going. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does, but if not, that’s ok. Keep reading. Our individual details may be a bit different, the overall theme of the journey is the same; a little FAITH activates a lot of power (God’s Power). 

Now you may be saying to yourself, she doesn’t know my story or feel any of my pain, and guess what? You’re right, I don’t. I do however know a little something about having a story and not always liking the narrative behind it. News flash! I haven’t always been a Woman of Faith; I too have been broken, wounded and traumatized by past hurt. There was a time when I gave up on God and surrounded myself with invisible layers of impenetrable emotional walls of protection. Neither of which was effective. Shocker, right? Not. The great thing about God and becoming a Woman of Faith, is the grace he extends to you on the journey. I admit, I didn’t always get it right, yet God still saw fit to choose and use me. 

Maybe you’re feeling the same way, wondering how God can use you with all your blemishes, scars and imperfections. Spoiler Alert! God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, he expects us to surrender to his perfect plan and that takes faith. Faith comes from trusting and believing God, even when we can’t see him. Allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on how many situations God was in, when you didn’t see or feel it. If you’re like me, there were so many “But God” moments, trusting him when I couldn’t trace him became inevitable. It’s this belief in God, that makes room for him to turn your mess into a miracle. 

When you invite him in, He will literally meet you in the staircase of life, on the step where you want to give up and transform your pain into purpose. That’s how powerful and loving God is. No matter how rough the roads of life may seem, He’s right there. Shining a glimpse of light and speaking in a still, small voice to guide you along the way. You are not alone on this journey; you have God and a whole tribe of women climbing the “not so crystal” staircase of life with you; moving by faith and following God’s light. So, Woman of God be encouraged to keep moving; keep going, keep fighting, keep striving, to find your way. 

You’re almost there. 

Malika Rahman is the Founder/CEO of Be A Great You, Inc., non-profit organization, focused on educating, empowering and enriching the lives of those in urban communities. She is a Licensed Minister and holds a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice. Much of Malika’s personal and professional life has been dedicated to public service, having served as a law enforcement officer for 10 years. She takes prides in her commitment to the community and encourages others around her to do the same. By combining her personal  experience, with her professional expertise and spiritual insight, she works diligently to restore the broken and encourages people to reach their full potential in their lives and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Malika has a passion for God and a heart for serving God’s people. One conversation with her and you’ll feel her love for both. 

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